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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: Wendell & Wilde, Director: Henry Slick, 2022

As a child I especially loved "The Tale Before Christmas", one of my favorite childhood movies. The method by which stop motion is created is particularly Sisyphean. You have to create the illusion of movement using puppets, which takes a lot of time and budget. The movie "Wendall & Wilde" took almost 13 years to create, concepts of eternity in the film industry.

The movie "Wendall & Wilde" may seem childish, but it deals with heavy subjects, such as tragedy and loss and some of the characters can be too scary for tender children.

The film "Wendall & Wilde" follows Kat (Lyric Ross), a girl who lost her parents in a serious accident, which she blames herself for causing. Kat moves from one institution to another and hates adults, seeing them as traitors. Two demons come to her aid, Wendell (Keegan Michael Key) and Wilde (Jordan Peel), who see her as an opportunity to break free from the demon world and ascend to Earth, after seeing her in a vision after tasting hair cream.

Together they try to escape from the authorities, on Earth and beyond. The movie "Wendall & Wilde" is a very strange and fast-paced movie, which has a lovable, but forgettable gallery of characters. The demons quickly become minor characters, but they are the coolest creatures in the film.

The movie "Wendall & Wild" is undoubtedly a cool, disturbed and rhythmic work, which will not really suit everyone. Children will not understand the relationships between the characters that much, but can love the gallery of characters and the vast imagination in the mysterious world of the film.

A more professional editing for the film "Wendall & Wilde" could have improved the film. It is too scattered and not focused, but in the moments when it is good - it is excellent. He conducts an intelligent discussion about the incarceration system in the United States and how they lead minorities down a path of criminality.

The movie "Wendel & Wild" is a little too gloomy for a wide audience, but it is definitely an excellent animated film, which manages to understand and reproduce the special atmosphere of Halloween.


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