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Movie Review: The Gray Man, Netflix, Directed by: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, 2022

Netflix decided to spend 200 million dollars and this time they played it safe. The Russo brothers, one of the biggest directing duos in recent times, and Ryan Gosling in the lead role, are supposed to release a fun and sophisticated film. The result is more complex than the initial intention, it has spectacular parts and those that are much less so.

After several failed attempts, this is supposed to be a huge Netflix production that plans to largely replace movie theaters. The idea was to release a higher quality film, which would combine a sophisticated international conspiracy that obviously involves an intelligence agency, generic action that would also be suitable for teenagers and spectacular stunts. In all areas except for certain scenes, the film falls, a slightly stupid plot, and excessive amateurishness of some of the characters.

It all starts in 2003 when Ryan Gosling is offered to work for a satellite organization of the CIA, instead of being in prison for many more years. Of course, things get complicated and become clearer as the film progresses, it turns out that there are good and bad guys here, secret and sensitive information that must be obtained and an exciting betrayal of the main hero.

These are data from an algorithm that creates a Hollywood action movie but misses a lot of things along the way. We have already seen a similar plot many times, even the same, so you can expect the next moves of the characters. A lot of reasonable action scenes, but none of them are exciting. A blockbuster that lacks uniqueness and emotion, that we will not remember for days to come. With such high sums Netflix can find more worthy and original causes to put their money on.


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