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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Wednesday, Netflix, Director: Tim Burton, Ganja Monteiro, James Marshall, 2022

You will be surprised if we tell you that the series "Wednesday", the continuation of the well-known series "The Addams Family" was released only a few days ago. The crazy Addams family, which has spawned dozens of remakes, animated series, and a host of other memorabilia, is trying to return to the consciousness of the younger generation, which needs streaming.

The series "The Addams Family" has many, many fans in the world, as well as the same amount of haters. Nevertheless, it is a piece of nostalgia. The series is nevertheless a brilliant television event, even though it has weakened and disappeared from consciousness in recent years.

After becoming a macabre phenomenon, mainly for children, the series "The Addams Family" is trying to return to the mainstream and appeal to young people so that they grow up on the funniest and bitterest content available on television.

The series "Wednesday" continues "The Addams Family". There is even a minimal nod to Harry Potter here, when the troubled daughter of the family Wednesday Adams (Jenna Ortega), who was expelled from almost ten schools, moves to a prestigious boarding school, where her parents spent many years.

Outsiders live in boarding schools, such as boys who think they are vampires, a creepy headmistress and other characters. There are also dark secrets in the place, a series of mysterious murders and other sweets, which make it a very likable series for lovers of the genre.

Wednesday grows up and learns to control her powers and becomes a deadly version of herself. The series "Wednesday" as a spin-off and television material is not bad at all. Not very exciting or funny, but definitely solid and reasonable material for lovers of the most psychopathic family on TV.


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