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  • Lotan Diker

The uprising in Treblinka - 79 years ago

After Operation Barbarossa it was decided to eliminate European Jewry. After shooting at the pits, the liquidation began in Chelone with gas trucks. The operation was called Operation Reinhard and it was carried out in three extermination camps, one of which was Treblinka.

It was established in 1942 in a sparsely populated area where Jews and Poles were employed in mining. German companies-built railroads and dug huge pits for the bodies of the murdered. The victims would arrive and under a cloak of disguise and deception would be murdered in the gas chambers and buried in pits. The camp was guarded by Ukrainian volunteers and a squad of SS soldiers who would carry out the extermination, it was rectangular in shape and surrounded by a fence.

The camp was operated by Jews, they were the ones who helped manipulate the extermination and provided services to the SS men. It was the most efficient factory of death seen in human history, 870 thousand people were murdered in a short period.

In 1943, following the visit of Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, the Jews realized that they were going to eliminate the camp and its inhabitants. In the same year, a group of senior officials from among the prisoners in the camp organized in order to establish an underground.

It was an unusual rebellion, not only did the escape take place, but large parts were burned that were used for destruction. They tried to get weapons through a Ukrainian soldier, but he betrayed them. In total there were about 50 underground members who thought that many others would eventually join. As they began to distribute weapons from the warehouse, the plan was discovered, and an exchange of gunfire began.

Many ran to the fences, while burning large parts of the buildings that were made of wood. Nearly 70 managed to escape and survived the hunt for them. All the others were murdered, after the camp was liquidated and an agricultural farm was established in it to obscure the traces of the Germans' extermination. In 1964, a memorial site was established in memory of the entire communities that were destroyed in Treblinka.

This is the victory of spirit and will over human evil, one of the great achievements of the Jewish people who were brutally crushed by the Nazi oppressor.

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